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If you're searching for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that's both intricate and beautiful, you should definitely check out the work of Amy Ausiello at the Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio. Her mandala tattoos are a perfect blend of fine line and bold lines, resulting in a stunning and detailed piece of body art. You can trust Amy to bring your vision to life with her expert skills and artistic eye.

Mandala Tattoo Done by Amy Ausiello.jpg

Tattoo Done By  Amy Ausiello


Tattoo Done By  Amy Ausiello

At our studio, you can get a custom watercolor tattoo done by our talented artist Amy Ausiello. This unique design features a vibrant purple and blue color palette that is sure to stand out. Amy is experienced in creating stunning works of art that will last a lifetime.


At The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio, our experienced artist Amy Ausiello specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos. Amy recently created an eye-catching design - a half Hannya mask, half geisha and a cherry blossom tattoo, all in black and gray with a splashes of red. Come and get your own special design from Amy today!

Amy Gesha.jpg

Tattoo Done By  Amy Ausiello


Lauren  lion and flowers 3.jpg


At our studio, you can get a beautiful and unique thigh tattoo. This stunning piece features a black and gray lion surrounded by delicate flowers. Let us create a lasting piece of art that you can proudly show off!

Our talented tattoo artists specialize in creating beautiful and unique watercolor tattoos, such as our stunning lotus flower and moon design. With a focus on attention to detail, our clients love the lasting beauty of their tattoos. Book an appointment today to get your own stunning watercolor tattoo!



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