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a selection of work from our top tattoo artists

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Take a look at a collection of tattoos from our top tattoo artists across all Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio locations. This gallery will spotlight a wide range of tattoo styles from black and gray, realism, fine line, lettering, cover-ups, watercolor,  traditional and many more tattoo styles. 

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the pittsburgh tattoo studio

"I've gotten tattoos at both the Dormont and Washington locations; both are beautiful, clean, and welcoming, as are the staff."

                                                         -Eric T.



In 2013 we opened the first of our tattoo shops, The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio in Dormont, Pennsylvania. When owners Randy Feden and Amy Ausiello decide to open The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio , they wanted to create a tattoo studio that anyone would feel comfortable walking into from the customer that is getting their very first tattoo to the most heavily tattooed customer. Amy Ausiello started tattooing in 2002. Amy was one of the very few female tattoo artists in Pittsburgh. Her career started at a tattoo shop in the city of Pittsburgh. That is where she met her now Husband and co-owner Randy Feden. Amy was able to build a name for herself in Pittsburg tattoo scene and create a large following of customers. While working in the tattoo industry for many years both Amy and Randy heard many things from customers about what they liked and disliked about their tattoo experiences. With that knowledge, they set out to create a studio that would make their clients feel comfortable and relaxed by creating private tattoo stations. They understood that taking the time to listen to what our customers want while creating their tattoo will provide the client with a tattoo they will absolutely love. With all that being said, in 2013 Randy and Amy decided to put everything on the line and open their first tattoo shop. They both worked together to design The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio , envisioning a modern upscale tattoo studio that still maintained the authentic feel of a traditional tattoo shop. They strayed from the décor of typical tattoo shops with walls covered in tattoo flash and replaced it with custom pieces of artwork to create an environment where creativity could flourish. In 2020 The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio opened its second location in Washington Pennsylvania.

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